Presentations and Poster Sessions

June 2nd and 3rd 2011

Rhode Island Library Association Annual Conference 

From the conference brochure:

Creating an Environmental Sustainability Program through Collaboration

Collaboration between students, staff and faculty at Salve Regina University has built environmental awareness across campus. Julie Swierczek, Technical Services Specialist, Dawn Emsellem, Learning Commons Specialist, and Jameson Chace, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Biology and Biomedical Sciences, discuss McKillop Library’ s experience leveraging that cooperation into a functional sustainability program.


Signage that Works: How to Create Effective, Eye-catching Signs in Your Library 

The poster was displayed on a large foam core board, but I reformatted it into a pdf which is attached below at “SignagePresentationEmsellemOptimized.”

Three Power Points ran simultaneously during the poster session: one, “inspiring library signs” was meant to convey the ideal, in which signage is incorporated with the design and function of the library; another, “passive aggressive library signs” was a copy of a buzzfeed post that went viral last year and represents the kind of negative, unattractive, chastizing signs that librarians should avoid; and the third, titled “signs by dawn” here, represents what most libraries have to do in the real world, which is make the best signs they can on their own. They include table tents and framed and laminated signs, most of which were posted in McKillop Library at some point.






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