Master’s Coursework

University of Illinois Graduate School of Library and Information Science

Applied Business Research: Competitive Intelligence and Knowledge Management
Yoo-Seong Song
Grade: A

The course introduces the basics and practices of Competitive Intelligence (CI) and Knowledge Management (KM). Students will learn various ways to translate their research skills and knowledge in information searching into providing solutions to complex business needs. Students will be introduced to the development and current state of CI and KM in diverse organizational settings. The course provides opportunities where students are challenged to design and present research deliverables for clients using the latest techniques of CI and KM.

Company Profile
Competitive Intelligence Research Proposal

Higher Education and Information Professionals
Melissa Wong and Lisa Janicke-Hinchliffe
Grade: A

Introduces the higher education environment in which academic librarians and other information professionals operate in order to prepare students for leadership roles both within academic libraries and in their parent institutions. This course will explore a variety of issues including: history and organization of higher education; accreditation; characteristics of students; roles of faculty and other campus professionals; and current issues and challenges.

Final research paper: Integrating Academic Libraries into Environmental Sustainability Plans on Campus

Libraries Information and Society
Leigh Estabrook
Grade: A-

Explores major issues in the library and information science professions as they involve their communities of users and sponsors. Analyzes specific situations that reflect the professional agenda of these fields, including intellectual freedom, community service, professional ethics, social responsibilities, intellectual property, literacy, historical and international models, the socio-cultural role of libraries and information agencies and professionalism in general, focusing in particular on the interrelationships among these issues.

Final research paper: Public Libraries, Core Values and Market-Based Ideologies: Reflections in Case Studies and Mission Statements

Information Sources and Services in the Social Sciences
Jocelyn Tipton
Grade: A

Overview of the information needs and practices of researchers, practitioners, and the general public. Detailed consideration of disciplinary literatures and print and electronic reference materials. Advanced training in addressing reference questions and research problems in the social sciences.

Sample subject guide (anthropology: sexuality in society)

Instruction and Assistance Systems
Melissa Wong
Grade: A

Provides an introduction to instruction and assistance methods used in a variety of information systems including libraries, archives, museums, and electronic environments. Includes an overview of theoretical and applied research and discusses relevant issues and concepts. Students will have an opportunity to design and present an instruction or assistance program.

Information Organization and Access
Linda Smith
Grade: A

Emphasizes information organization and access in settings and systems of different kinds. Traces the information transfer process from the generation of knowledge through its storage and use in both print and non-print formats. Consideration will be given to the creation of information systems: the principles and practice of selection and preservation, methods of organizing information for retrieval and display, the operation of organizations that provide information services, and the information service needs of various user communities.

Foundations of Information Processing in Library and Information Science
Karen Medina
Grade: A

Covers the common data and document processing constructs and programming concepts used in library and information science. The history, strengths and weaknesses of the techniques are evaluated in the context of our discipline. These constructs and techniques form the basis of applications in areas such as bibliographic records management, full text management and multimedia. This student learns these concepts through programming in the object oriented programming language Python.

Administration and Management of Libraries and Information Centers
Robert Burger
Grade: A+

Designed to explore the principles that govern how organizations and institutions work, this course provides a foundation for and introduction to the theories, practices and procedures involved in the management and administration of libraries and information centers.

Collection Development
Anne Barnhart
Grade: A

Examines issues affecting the development and management of collections for academic, public, special and school libraries: the marketplace, publishing, legal issues, and budget allocation; document delivery; collaboration and cooperation.

Cataloging and Classification I
Robert Bothmann
Grade: A

Theory and application of basic principles and concepts of descriptive and subject cataloging; emphasis on interpreting catalog entries and making a catalog responsive to the needs of users; provides beginning-level experience with choice of entries, construction of headings, description of monographs (and, to a lesser extent, of serial publications and nonprint media), filing codes, Dewey and Library of Congress classification systems, and Library of Congress subject headings.

University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Library and Information Science
Reference and Information Services
Mary MacDonald
Grade: A

Practical experience in the use of basic electronic and print information sources with readings and discussion on the philosophy and administrative aspects of reference work.

Professional Field Experience
Mary MacDonald
Grade: A

Created the lesson plans and course materials and taught seven sections of an introduction to the library and information literacy class to the 2009 cohort of Talent Development students at University of Rhode Island.

Lesson plan and handouts, from poster presentation about the professional field experience


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