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Measuring the influence of scholarship via social media

This article in the Chronicle of Higher Ed talks more about evolution of the scholarly information cycle, and the fact that research that used to take years to be made available to the public can now be accessed almost instantaneously … Continue reading

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Last Sunday a student came through the library, his first visit since returning from break, and came the information desk to visit. There was a flurry of hand waving and “YoulooksorestedHowwasyourholidayIsthatanewscarfHowarethekids?” and then, after the niceties, he came over an … Continue reading

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Social media monsters and saviors

I’ve been doing research for a chapter on evaluating content in blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, and today I’ve been thinking about social media as a part of the scholarly information cycle. It occurs to me that I’ve … Continue reading

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